Malcolm Jamal Warner Admits To Teenage Crush On "The Cosby Show" Sister Lisa Bonet

The famous on screen compatibility of “The Cosby Show” family of actors made for one heck of a ride for viewers. But behind the scenes, teenage hormones had a small effect on the famous sitcom family's dynamics.

During a recent Access Hollywood interview, Malcolm Jamal Warner, who played the Cosby's only son Theo from age 13 to 21, admitted that he had a crush on Lisa Bonet, who played his older sister Denise.

“But you know, I never had a shot," he said. "You just know. At 13, 14, you know when you have a shot or not, even at that age.”

But although a romance between the two never flourished, things all turned out for the best. Warner, who is now 43, added there is a “genuine mutual respect” among his cast members that endures to this day.

“We all bonded over such a unique experience, no matter how much time goes by that we don’t speak, that bond is still there, very strong.”

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