Malcolm Nance Calls Out 'Coward' John Bolton Over Khashoggi Murder Tape

MSNBC intelligence analyst slams national security adviser for refusing to listen to the audio.

MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance called out National Security Adviser John Bolton for refusing to listen to the audio of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder at a Saudi consulate in Istanbul. 

In a testy exchange with reporters on Tuesday, Bolton said he didn’t listen to the recording because he doesn’t speak Arabic. 

Why do you think I should? What do you think I’ll learn from it?” he said at a White House briefing. “I’m trying to make a point to everyone that says why don’t you listen to the tape, unless you speak Arabic, what are you going to get from it?”

But Nance wasn’t having it, saying on “The 11th Hour” that listening to the tape can reveal a lot even if you don’t speak the language and called it “important” for leadership to understand what took place. 

“I think John Bolton is a coward,” Nance said. “And I think he doesn’t want to face up to the fact that the United States is condoning the murder of a U.S. resident and has now made every American citizen susceptible to being kidnapped, abducted and dissected by our enemies overseas.  

See his full takedown in the clip above.