Comedian Calls Men 'Little B***hes' After Subjects Pull Out Of Male Birth Control Study

Michelle Wolf hilariously tells it like it is on "The Daily Show."

Angry that a promising study of male birth control shots was halted because of side effects, comedian Michelle Wolf delivered a hilarious message for men on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” Tuesday.

Noting the pimples and mood swings that some subjects experienced, Wolf said, “You guys call that ‘side effects.’ I call that day four of a fairytale period.”

“Men are such little bitches,” she continued, pointing out that shot recipients actually experienced an increase in sex drive, but that still didn’t win them over.

“You men always end up winning. I mean, the shot might as well be called More Sex, Less Babies,” she said.

Wolf mentioned that women on the pill experience the aforementioned negative side effects, plus the possibility of blood clots, stroke and a decrease in sex drive.

“Side effects are the only area where women earn more than men,” she quipped.

Watch the full funny bit above.



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