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Male Chastity Devices Come In Chrome And Camo Finishes (Finally) For Your Weird Fetish

When your buddy said lock it down, he wasn't talking about this.

Male chastity devices -- yes, lockable sheaths that restrict you from touching yourself -- are apparently all the rage these days. There's enough of a market that CB-X, the self-proclaimed "World Leader In Male Chastity," offers a designer collection that includes, wood, chrome and camouflage finishes.

And they're not just a fail-safe for your wayward hubby anymore, according to Jason Yates, the sales director at CB-X. But there's no better (weirder) description of the device than the one on the CB-X website:

Male chastity devices restrict a man from touching his genitals for sexual pleasure. The male chastity device gives the Keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners by denying the wearer the touch he has had all of his life. His focus is now on when he can experience sexual gratification, and the Keyholder has complete control over the wearer’s pleasure. This denied access means the wearer must please the Keyholder in order to receive the pleasure he craves.

Yates sat down to discuss his hard time with erections on HuffPost Live Tuesday, along with writer Brian Moylan, who tried wearing one for three days -- for journalism.

"Waking up in the morning, it was not incredibly pleasant," Moylan said. "There is enough room that I sort of filled it up as it were. You're never bursting from the seams, but it's not the best feeling."

Yates said his father-in-law invented the product, "along with my wife -- obviously." He said his Thanksgiving dinners get spicy when his wife, knowing he's got the cage on, "pulls the key out of her bra" when nobody's looking.

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You can get yours for as little as $150. Yates says it takes about three times to get the fit right, but once you're in, you're in. For good. Would you consider this as a way to enhance your sex life?

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