Inside The Secret World Of Men Who Wear Chastity Devices

"The first time I put it on it was definitely a rush."

Legend has it that medieval knights who were leaving home to join the Crusades -- possibly for years -- would force their wives to wear chastity belts to keep them from having sex while they were gone. But, it's now widely believed that the first real chastity devices weren't invented until the 19th century and they were used to stop children from masturbating.

Today, some people, especially those involved in kink or BDSM communities, wear chastity devices often as part of role playing, dom/sub relationships or to highlight or intensify masochistic practices, among other reasons.

A male chastity device
A male chastity device

For the latest HuffPost Love and Sex Podcast, Noah Michelson, this week on his own while co-host Carina Kolodny is traveling, spoke with three men who each have a distinctly different experience with male chastity devices. The first guest, Brian Moylan, is a gay writer who test drove a chastity device for a Vice article entitled, "Three Days of Torture in a Male Chastity Device"; the second is "Jack," a 20-something bisexual man who regularly wears chastity devices and whose email to Michelson and Kolodny inspired this episode; and finally "Lion," who has been wearing a chastity device for over two years and who, along with his wife, "Lioness," documents their experiences on


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