Male Eating Disorders Are One 'Men's Issue' We Don't Discuss Enough (VIDEO)

The Men's Issue We Don't Talk About

Eating disorders are no longer just a women's issue -- and more and more people are recognizing that.

In an April 2013 segment for Al Jazeera's "The Stream," host Lisa Fletcher led a conversation about male body image, expectations and disordered eating.

Matt Wetsel, an eating disorder activist and writer who took part in the conversation, linked to the segment on his blog, commenting that the "larger focus" of the discussion made it particularly worthwhile.

In the video, Wetsel shared the story of his own struggle with anorexia after a bout of depression.

"It didn't really begin until people asked me, 'how much weight have you lost?,'" he said. "My close friends, they could tell that something was wrong. But meanwhile, my co-workers were complimenting my weight loss. That was definitely a mixed message."

Other participants in the conversation included author Claire Mysko, psychology professor Niobe Way, actor Ryan Salonen, nutritionist Alan Aragn, and medical student Simon Metin.

Watch the full video above to find out what everyone else had to say during this thoughtful and informative discussion.

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