Are 'Man-Gagement' Rings The Next Big Thing?

Some women dream of the day a man will get down on one knee and present her with an engagement ring that she can show off to all her friends. But what about the guy? What symbol of commitment does he get to show the world?

Enter the man-gagement ring.

After a recent survey said that 5 percent of men are now wearing male engagement rings, HuffPost Live decided to explore what may be becoming a trend.

"It's not a new concept," Amanda Gizzi, a spokesperson for the Jewelry Information Center told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker. "It's just foreign to most people in most cultures because it's not something that is currently really embraced by men."

But according to Gizzi, times are changing. "Now more than ever there's a lot more gender equality in relationships ... where both people want to show their commitment."

Watch the video above for more on the rise of man-gagment rings and to hear from real men who rock them. Then let us know what you think -- is this the wave of the future or just another fad?

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