Male Fashion Advice Reddit Community Gives Us Hope

Some women write off the men in their lives as helpless, fashion-challenged creatures with neither the desire nor the know-how to fix themselves up. But it turns out plenty of guys out there are not only interested in improving their style, but are actively seeking out advice -- from each other. On Reddit.

Male Fashion Advice is our new favorite subreddit, where guys in need of outfit advice crowd-source each other for help. There are recurring posts, including "Should/Shouldn't I Buy" posts on Tuesdays and "Outfit Feedback & Fit Check" posts on Fridays.


There are dudes looking for advice on how to wear certain items, like this request for feedback: "Not sure how I feel about this Uniqlo bomber. This is how I look with a henley underneath. Looks okay, right? But then this is one of my OCBD's. However, this is with the bomber over it. It looks absurdly short. How is it supposed to fit?" Shopping questions also abound, such as "Anyone know of any shorter undershirts?" and "Anyone know of a moc toe military boot?"


Then there are the broader conundrums men face, which prompt questions like "Fuckin denim jackets, how do they work?" and "This is what I wear almost every day. Is that bad?"


For guys who'd rather not put their own fashion issues and queries up for debate, Male Fashion Advice also has a handy sidebar with resources on topics such as "How Clothes Should Fit," "Understanding Color" and our favorite, "I've got $X. How do I spend it?" In fact, the subreddit is so helpful we're thinking of trolling it for insights on what to buy our dads, boyfriends and brothers for the holidays.

After we first forward it to every single guy we know. Check it out at Reddit/r/malefashionadvice.

Now if only we could get all guys to stop wearing these:


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