'Male Feminists Of Tinder' Pokes Fun At Bros Who Use Feminism To Get Laid

We'll totally "dismantle the patriarchy" with you, but don't expect us to sleep with you after.

Calling all ladies: Who wants a "feminist in the street and a misogynist in bed?" Oh, right -- no one. 

A new Tumblr called Male Feminists Of Tinder highlights a very specific kind of suitor: The guy who uses feminism as a way to pick up women. Created by comedian and writer Lane Moore, the Tumblr curates real Tinder profiles of male users proclaiming feminism that, well, completely miss the mark.

Some feature lines like "I am a feminist" splashed across their profile pictures and "Come dismantle the patriarchy with me" in their About section. And while we're more than happy to "dismantle the patriarchy" with any dude or date a feminist bro -- we have a sense these guys intentions have less to do with gender equality and more with "How can I use feminism to help me hook up with ladies?" 

We'll applaud a person of any gender who chooses to identify as a feminist because they want equal rights for women. But calling yourself a feminist to get into a woman's pants? We'd prefer to see you walk the walk.  

Scroll below to see a few cringe-worthy "feminist" profiles from Moore's Male Feminists Of Tinder tumblr.

  • http://malefeministsoftinder.tumblr.com/
  • http://malefeministsoftinder.tumblr.com/
  • http://malefeministsoftinder.tumblr.com/

Head over to the Male Feminists Of Tinder Tumblr to see more feminist bros or submit a few of your own. 

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