Want More Nude Men On 'Game Of Thrones'? Hodor Promises To Help

Kristian Nairn discusses the show's steamy sex scenes with HuffPost Live.

"Game of Thrones" fans know the drill for watching HBO's hit show: come for the complicated politics of Westeros, stay for the heaping helpings of violent deaths and steamy sex scenes. (Or maybe you see it the other way around.) Either way, nudity is one of the most-discussed parts of the series, and lately there have been calls for displaying a little more male flesh amid the many naked women we've seen in the show's copious brothels.

One of the men who has disrobed on "GoT" is Kristian Nairn, who donned a 16-inch prosthetic penis as Hodor. "I've done my fair share, nudity-wise," the actor told HuffPost Live on Wednesday.

Nairn admitted that although he and several other actors have gone au naturel on the show, the number of men who bare it all may be "a little bit off the scale" compared to the number of women. "They definitely honed in on the female nudity," he said.

He added that he hopes titillation is "not what the show's all about" for the audience, but Nairn concluded by promising to pass along the message that fans want more male eye candy.

"I'll put a word in for you," he said. "Hodor will sort it out."

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