Male Pundits To Hillary Clinton: Quiet Down And Smile More

How about you stop doing this.

If there's one thing I know as a man, it's that women love it when men publicly police women's tone and tell them to smile.

A number of male pundits put this axiom to the test on Tuesday, offering some totally friendly, not-at-all sexist advice to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she delivered a victory speech following Democratic presidential primary wins in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough didn't like the way Clinton's face looked.

Nice one, Don Draper.

Others didn't really like the way Clinton's voice sounded.

To be fair, Clinton was not speaking quietly. Her voice -- which sounded somewhat depleted, as if she'd been talking pretty much nonstop for the last 11 months or something -- could have even have been described as a bit hoarse.

But not only is it weird to criticize any candidate for speaking loudly at a campaign rally filled with screaming supporters, it seems like this is exactly the sort of trivial criticism that pundits would feel less inclined to loft at a male politician.

Clinton is well aware of this double standard, and regularly makes note of it on the campaign trail. Here's what she said earlier this week.

We even did a whole video about this phenomenon of men only seeming to notice a candidate's tone and volume when it's Clinton at the mic.

And as for Scarborough pulling a "you look prettier when you smile" on Clinton, we'll just leave you with this.

And this.

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