Male Spinsters Become Objects Of Pity

Back in August kicked off the pity party for male spinsters:

It's 11 a.m. on Sunday, a time that during your single days was reserved for sex or the gym. But for your newly grown-up, coupled-up crowd it means . . . brunch. Now that most of your friends are over 35 and some have children, this kids-'n'-coffee routine is beginning to feel pleasantly familiar. Until he shows up--the guy who's never been married. He's late, fresh from the gym, and accompanied by a woman who's about the same age and build as the aspiring-actress waitress.

You used to envy this man. Sitting there with his hand on a 23-year-old's thigh while he sips his latte, he makes your banana-pancake domestic life feel lame. But lately that guy's beginning to seem--to you, your friends, and your wife--well, kind of creepy. His brazen rejection of the life stage that most of his peers have gotten to is starting to make it look like there's something wrong with him.

Now The London Times concurs:

More and more, "confirmed bachelor" is not a euphemism for "homosexual", but a description of slightly sad blokes who won't give up the game. They think that Guyland is not a state you pass through in your twenties, but somewhere you aspire to live for ever. Women, perhaps rightly, are starting to clock that an unmarried man over 40 is not a playboy, but more likely a loner with serious commitment issues and a huge collection of porn.

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