7-Year-Old National Anthem Prodigy Returns To Triumph Again At MLS Cup

Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja just slayed on a bigger stage at the soccer championship.

Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja had a tough act to follow in singing the national anthem at the MLS Cup over the weekend ― herself.

The 7-year-old wowed the world back in September, when she belted out a viral “Star-Spangled Banner” at an LA Galaxy soccer match.

Saturday’s expectations were higher, but the kid handled the stage like a pro before 73,000-plus at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and many more watching on TV.

She sang for “American Idol” judges in October, even though she’s too young to compete, but has her sights set elsewhere.

“My biggest dream is to sing at the Super Bowl,” Malea Emma told USA Today.

She already has a star from another sport on her team, so maybe the NFL should listen up.

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