Male-on-Male Crime: America's Biggest Problem

When I watch the news, I'm disheartened to see that organizations like Fox News and CNN don't talk about the one real issue in America. The American people have suffered far too long from this cruel epidemic, and it's time for someone to speak up. I've decided to write this letter. You will not like what I have to say, but I have to say it because I love this country and am concerned for its people.

America's biggest problem is male-on-male crime.

Men make up only half of the population, but account for approximately 90% of the murders and 90% of the prison population. You are more likely to be murdered, raped, assaulted, robbed, and shot by a man than by a woman. In 2013, 73.5 percent of people arrested were males. But why aren't major news networks reporting on this? I look to Fox News for guidance, because they usually are on the vanguard for key social insight.

I know what you're going to say: "Not all males are criminals! In fact, the majority are not. In fact, statistics show that male-on-male crime is on the decline! And in many cities, even when male-on-male crime declined, the local news increased their reporting of it!"

My response to that is stop being an apologist! Own up to your failures.

When are male leaders going to speak to male communities, and hold themselves accountable? Men should solve their own problems first before they start pointing fingers. I don't ever see men protesting against their own crimes! Instead of always blaming women or misandry, men need to admit the inherent deficiencies in male culture that glorifies guns and violence, and suffers from moral decay stemming from toxic pathologies. How can you expect women to think #MaleLivesMatter when it's clear that men don't?

Men should acknowledge that their communities lack female role models, don't emphasize education enough, play too many violent video games, and watch too many violent movies. Ok, I get it, men were enslaved by Amazonians in an alternate reality. But that was 150 years ago! Stop playing the victim! Come on men, we live in a post-sexual society, so stop blaming others for your individual bad choices! Sexism isn't making you commit crimes.

And before you call me sexist, I have several male friends, so I cannot be anti-man. My older brother is a man! I don't have a single anti-male bone in my body. When I look at people, I'm sexblind. I don't see sex or gender, and if you do, that means you're the true sexist! I'm just stating the hard facts, and will not be forced into political correctness.

Male-on-male crime is the biggest problem in this country and we need to work together to put an end to it once and for all.

Sincerely Yours,

A Concerned American

P.S. I hate to have to explain that this is satire, but I'm sure I need to.

The above are similar, almost verbatim statements people make about "black-on-black crime." I just swapped out "black" for "male", and changed "racist" to "sexist."

However, the statistics are still true. The majority of the crime committed in America is by men.

But I wanted to use satire to show how the concept of "black-on-black" crime is racist at its core. That's not to say the Black community doesn't suffer from these issues. However, the concept is promulgated as people (of all races) use statistics to support pathological arguments that Black crime stems from inherent (sub)cultural decay. It stems from the premise that a person's "Blackness" is the reason why they committed a crime, and is used to convey that crime in America comes from Black people specifically. But in terms of race, FBI statistics show that most crime is committed by white people. And again, in terms of sex and gender, most crimes (violent and non-violent) are almost holistically a male problem. And yet, neither are exposed to arguments of pathology.

Therefore, by using the same logic that supports "black-on-black" crime as a legitimate concept, we should also starting describing crime as "white-on white crime" and "male-on-male crime." If we are going compartmentalize crime trends, we shouldn't stop at one broad demographic term. Think bigger and better. But it isn't much to surmise why that would never happen.