People Are Upset (Yawn) That Malia Obama Skipped The DNC For Lollapalooza

An 18-year-old being ... an 18-year-old.
Human teenager.
Human teenager.

If we learned anything from the 1998 Disney movie “My Date with the President’s Daughter” (we learned everything), it’s that the life of a teenager in the White House consists of Secret Service hijinks, daddy-daughter tensions and, of course, a personalized theme song you can’t stop singing 18 years later.

The eldest first daughter decided to eschew expectations of what her duties “should” be and skipped the Democratic National Convention to enjoy the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago instead.

Malia Obama was spotted at the Cashmere Cat set on Thursday amid a crowd of concertgoers around the same time Hillary Clinton was making history as the first woman to secure a major party’s presidential nomination.

The Secret Service was also in attendance to ensure the 18-year-old’s safety at the festival. One Twitter user snapped a team of agents dressed in matching plaid shirts and khaki pants at the venue.

Unfortunately, some Twitter users took the opportunity to blast Malia on social media for being A COMPLETELY NORMAL TEENAGER. Cause that worked out so well last time, right?

Thankfully, the sane side of Twitter quickly clapped back at the critics to remind everyone that it’s perfectly fine for Malia to go to a concert of her choosing, especially after almost eight years of being in the political spotlight.

But the real question here is, WHERE WAS SASHA?!

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