She's easing quite nicely into a New York wardrobe, no?

Activist, style icon and intern Malia Obama started working in New York City this week, and boy, do we wish the dress code was this laid back in our own internship days.

The 18-year-old looked super casual and super cute as she arrived at her gig working for Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in a crop top, belted high-waisted jeans, lace-up boots and a big shearling coat.

Splash News

If the coat looks familiar, perhaps it’s because it looks an awful like the coat she was spotted wearing while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline last week.

We have to hand it to Malia for making mom jeans look this cute. Just think how proud her backwards hat-wearing fellow normcore enthusiast Barack Obama must be right about now.

Sigh. Though mom jeans have been trendy for a bit, they can be a bit tricky. Our advice is to avoid pleats at all costs, and take some inspiration from Malia and these other style stars, perhaps in one of the pairs below?

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