Malia Obama Totally Took A Few Style Tips From Her Mom (PHOTOS)

Happy birthday, Malia Obama!

Turning 15 is no small milestone -- especially when you're celebrating in the White House. Fortunately, Malia has her mother, Michelle, to lead her into young adulthood with the grace and elegance of a first lady. Mrs. O has set quite an example for her daughters, and we suspect Malia will be spending her formative years decked out in the styles her mother has always favored. Hey, they're already coordinating outfits...

So in honor of Malia's birthday today (July 4), we're taking a closer look at just how much the first lady has influenced her own little lady.

An Affinity For Sleeveless


Fun Accessories


A-Line Silhouettes

a line

Off-Duty Cool

off duty

Matching Pants & Flats


Colorful Coats


Mixed Prints


Military Jackets

military jackets

Funky Sleeves


Punchy Cardigans


Statement Necklaces


Bright Pants


Like we said, she got it from her mama:

Everything Michelle Obama's Ever Worn

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