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Malibu Beach Rentals

New Yorkers have the Hamptons, Europeans have Provence, and here in Los Angeles, we have the over-the-top summer rental scene in Malibu. Once home to surfers and eccentrics, Malibu's 27 miles of scenic beauty on the Pacific Coast Highway is now known as "Billionaire's Beach." On any given Summer day, entrepreneurs can be seen walking up and down Carbon Beach, socialites shopping at the Malibu Country Mart, and celebrities picking up hot dog buns at How's Trancas Market.

Goldie Hawn, Pamela Anderson, and Charlize Theron have listed their beachfront properties at one point or another-- while Reese Witherspoon and Lindsay Lohan have been known to rent. This summer's most star-studded renters? David and Victoria Beckham are rumored to have snatched up a property for almost $200,000 a month. For those who can afford it (and for those who dare to dream) here are our top picks:


$250,000 per month

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