Malika Calhoun Early Show Interview: Teen Discusses Police Beating (VIDEO)

Malika Calhoun Early Show Interview: Teen Discusses Police Beating (VIDEO)

This morning Julie Chen, of CBS' "The Early Show," interviewed Malika Calhoun about the shocking video showing her being beaten by Sheriff's Deputy Paul Schene in a jail cell in Seattle. Malika, who was initially arrested for auto theft, kicked her shoe at the deputy in a manner that does not appear to be very threatening before the deputy rushes in and kicks the teenage girl, slamming her to the floor and striking her and pulling her hair.

Deputy Schene has pleaded not guilty to assault charges. According to Chen, the deputies claim the girl was "real lippy" and called them "fat pigs." Malika says the deputies had attitude and were being rude to her, which is why she kicked off her shoe at the deputy, which does not appear to actually hit him. The deputy told her this was assaulting a police officer, and then charged in and began beating her.

Watch the interview from "The Early Show" below. Full transcript beneath the video.

JULIE CHEN, CO-HOST: In Seattle, a sheriff's deputy has pleaded not guilty to charges he assaulted a 15-year-old girl last fall.

Prosecutors have released a surveillance video of the alleged assault.

A warning: The pictures you're about to see are disturbing.


CHEN (voice-over): The video shows two King County sheriff's deputies escorting 15-year-old Malika Calhoun to a holding cell. When Deputy Paul Sheen (ph) asked the girl to remove her shoes, she's seen slipping out of her left shoe and kicking it at him. Sheen (ph) rushes into the cell, kicks the teen and pushes her against a corner wall before flinging her to the floor by her hair. He then squats down on Calhoun and hits her twice.

Deputies say the girl was, quote, "real lippy," and that she had called them, quote, "fat pigs." Paramedics were called after Calhoun had complained that she had difficulty breathing, but she did not require hospitalization. Calhoun and another 15-year-old girl were arrested after they were found in the other girl's mother's car, which had been reported stolen.


CHEN: Joining us now for an exclusive interview, Malika Calhoun and her father, Curtiss. Good morning to you both.


CHEN: Malika, let me begin with you. What do you remember about the beating?

M. CALHOUN: I remember the way he just came in after I kicked my shoe off, and we were arguing back and forth all night since the arrest happened. And just...

CHEN: What were you arguing about back and forth all night?

M. CALHOUN: Just the way he was talking to me, and we were just, I don't know, he just had an attitude...

CHEN: Which was how?

M. CALHOUN: ... with everything.

CHEN: How was he talking to you when he arrested you?

M. CALHOUN: He was being -- just talking about us in rude ways, making rude comments about things, like, oh, you guys steal cars, and it wasn't

-- technically, we didn't steal the car. We were just borrowing my friend's mom's car without permission. We used it without permission.

CHEN: And then what was the exchange going on between you and the officer in the cell during the beating?

M. CALHOUN: He first, when he first came in, where I kicked the shoe off at him, and I was about to take my other one off, he said, you know, it's assaulting an officer. And that's when he charged in and started beating me. And I was yelling. I was like, this isn't -- I'm not resisting. I'm not resisting. And he said, whether you're resisting or not, that was assault.

Then he just kept doing it and kept going and going.

CHEN: Why did you kick the shoe off at him?

M. CALHOUN: Because my arms were folded, and I was upset with the way he was talking to me. And I was talking back to him. And I just took it off. And I was ready to take off my other shoe, and then that's what happened.

CHEN: Did the shoe hit him?

M. CALHOUN: No, it didn't hit him at all. I was standing in the inside of the door, and he was standing holding the door open. Didn't hit him, and he was saying that it made blood pockets and stuff, and it didn't even hit him at all.

CHEN: Tell me about the beating. How hard was it?

M. CALHOUN: It was horrible, like my head hit the wall when he first came in and kicked me. And then my head hit the wall in the back. And then he kept -- threw me to the ground, was pulling my hair constantly.

And it was just horrible.

CHEN: Were you screaming for him to stop?

M. CALHOUN: Yes. I said, I'm not resisting. I'm not resisting.

CHEN: And what did he say?

M. CALHOUN: He didn't say anything back until after, when I was like, I didn't resist. And he said, well, it was still assaulting an officer.

CHEN: Curtiss, let me turn to you. This video's so difficult to watch. What did you think the first time you saw it?

CURTISS CALHOUN, FATHER OF POLICE BEATING VICTIM: I didn't see it the first time until Friday evening, when I got home from work, and it was very disturbing. I didn't know it was this severe of an assault.

CHEN: What do you want to see happen to this officer? He's currently on administrative leave. If he's found guilty, he could spend one year behind bars. What do each of you want to see happen to this officer?


C. CALHOUN: As far as what happens to him, I wouldn't like to see him work as a police officer anymore. I don't think that's the job for him, based on the way he reacted. Dealing with people, I don't think he can respond that way and still be an officer.

CHEN: Malika, in the last five seconds, what do you want to see happen to him?

M. CALHOUN: I just want to -- I don't know -- justice. I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

CHEN: Malika and Curtiss Calhoun, thank you.

M. CALHOUN: Thank you.

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