Malin Akerman Maintains Her Figure By Working Out And Eating Healthy, Says There's No 'Magic Pill'

Malin Akerman is one hot mama. But how does she keep her fabulous figure? Thankfully, we no longer have to guess.

The actress, who welcomed son Sebastian almost six months ago, stepped out in LA this week for the premiere of "CBGB" and looked absolutely stunning in a white jumpsuit. When asked by E! News how she's getting back into shape, the 35-year-old explained that there are no shortcuts, not even in Hollywood.

"It's a lot of working out and a really good diet!" the Swedish-born beauty said. "Diet as in really healthy food. I wish there was a magic pill you could just pop in! But unfortunately, it's exercise -- I've been doing Pilates, and cycling, and hiking. That's pretty much my routine, as often as possible."

Wow, a celebrity weight loss plan we can actually follow? Thanks, Malin!

Akerman's rockin' body at the "CBGB" premiere:

malin akerman



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