Malin Akerman Had Sex With A 28-Year-Old When She Was Just 16

Malin Akerman plays some funny characters on the big and small screens, but to be honest, she's quite the character in real life, as well.

The new mom, who gave birth to son Sebastian four months ago, was full of revelations as she appeared on "Chelsea Lately" last night (Oct. 7), sharing way -- and we mean way -- too much information.

In truth, Chelsea Handler didn't let her get off easy when she asked the "Trophy Wife" star if she's ever slept with a much-older man. (Akerman's character on the ABC series is married to an older guy).

"Not really old," Akerman, 35, laughed when Handler pressed the question. "Let's not go Viagra, geriatric."

"I was 16 and he was 28," she finally shared after admitting she was a bit embarrassed to give details considering her baby son was in the back.

"That's a big age difference," Handler said, "That's illegal!"

"This was in France. … His name was Fabio, so that's awesome," Akerman quipped before giving an explanation. "I vacationed a lot in European countries where there are no rules -- drink at any age, have sex at any age, obviously."

Something else Akerman wasn't afraid to disclose was the fact that due to her European upbringing ... she takes, well, um, "European showers."

“I heard you didn’t take a shower for a month after you had him," Handler stated.

“Who has time? We do a European shower," Akerman joked, continuing, "You wash the parts that need to be washed because you kind of have to.”

OK, wow.

But, in reality, she said she probably took a shower once a week -- but that was it. She was just too busy with baby Sebastian.



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