Malin Akerman's Sweaty Crush On Obama

Swedish born, Canada-raised Malin Akerman has a thing for the US president. The 31-year-old actress (27 Dresses, Watchmen) talked about her Obama love (lust?) in an interview with Esquire.

"I get sweaty palms when I think about him. He's so supremely intelligent, and he's a man. I just want to go in there and become a home wrecker. No, I really don't."

I tell her the Internet has pictures of a shirtless Obama vacationing in Hawaii. "I might have to have a little bathroom break. Change my panties."..

Then she is shown photos:

"Oh, my God. I really need to meet him and mess up his marriage. And mess up mine, too... Have you seen his hands? I'm sorry, but I'm a big hand freak, and those hands could wrap around you twice."