'Mall Santa Musical': Improv Everywhere Takes Their Antics Holiday Shopping (VIDEO)

WATCH: Spontaneous Mall Santa Musical

It's safe to say that holiday shopping season is officially in full swing now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, which means that your local mall probably has a Santa hanging around somewhere for you to take photos with.

Since the idea of walking through a Macy's while hoards of people mill about might stress some people out, Improv Everywhere decided to bring some holiday cheer to a mall in New Jersey to get everyone in the right mindset.

Their plan? A spontaneous mall Santa musical.

At first there are just a couple of singers, but it becomes clear that more of the shoppers are in on the song than you'd originally think. It's sort of like a flash mob of Christmas cheer.

For more backstory, check out the Improv Everywhere blog.

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