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Chicago's 'Revenge Shot' Has Never Been More Popular -- Are You Man Enough To Try It?

" It's an affront to your masculinity in a bottle."

Business has never been better for Chicago's signature "revenge shot."

By all available indications, the malort boom has arrived -- at least in Chicago, where the recently-trademarked wormwood liquor known for its gasoline-like taste and the facial expressions it inspires is almost exclusively sold.

Jeppson's Malort, the company that started it all, is now the subject of a forthcoming documentary titled "The Story Will Never End." A trailer for the Fire Engine Red Films documentary, which will tell the story of the bitter Swedish besk's unlikely rise to a rite of passage for any Chicagoan, was uploaded over the weekend.

"Malort has always been a challenge, right? Are you man enough to drink malort? It's an affront to your masculinity in a bottle," Pat Berger, owner of Chicago bar Paddy Long's, explains in the trailer. "Like, you think you're tough? Take this. And Chicago's that kind of a town. We think we're tough, so we like to hurt ourselves with malort."

Introduced in the documentary trailer is Pat Gabelick, who has served as the CEO of Jeppson's Malort since 1999. The company's original owner, George Brode, who purchased the recipe for malort from Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson back in the 1930s, died that year.

"We have people that have drank Jeppson's Malort their whole lives, whole families," Gabelick says in the clip.

"The Story Will Never End" is expected to premiere in theaters this summer.

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