Mama Elsa Patton Now Selling Her Own Coffee, 'Havana Elsa' (WATCH)

The mother with a face only a daughter could love is now offering coffee with Latin flavor.

The outrageous Elsa Patton, affectionately called "Mama Elsa", is the breakout star of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Miami," currently in its second season. Capitalizing on her mother's ever-growing fame, actual "housewife" and PR maven Marysol Patton's firm is now marketing Cuban coffee with a side of Elsa's face to go with it.

In a recently-aired episode of RHOM, Marysol uses her business The Patton Group to develop the brew in honor of the family matriarch. She explains how her mother "always wanted her own coffee line," and how it was "satisfying to bring her her dream in a coffee cup."

Mama Elsa is beyond pleased. "I love Cuban coffee... and now I'm going to have a coffee of my own, that is gonna be wonderful, it's gonna be to my taste, and on top of that I'm gonna make me money," she says, before realizing there's one potential snag.

"Who the money's gonna be for?" she asks her daughter. "For you or for me?"

Now that the trademark "Havana Elsa" is approved for production, Mama Elsa's espresso can be at your door as soon as you can yell, "azucar!" With 10 ounce packages available at for $5.99, you can have a taste of that energetic sass that makes Elsa Miami's most lovable senior citizen.