Why Mama June's Daughter Believes Her Mother May Have Taken Her Trust Fund Money (VIDEO)

Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell believes that her mom, “Mama June,” may have pilfered her trust fund – an accusation Mama June completely denies – and that’s why she has now resorted to asking fans to donate to her GoFundMe.com account and selling a line of essential oils.

“You did all of this because you say that Mama robbed your trust fund account,” Dr. Phil says in the video above.

“Mama’s name is on every single account. It says head owner of the account, so she can withdrawal, take money, give money – she can do any of that,” Anna says.

“Your lawyer sent a letter asking for information about this account,” Dr. Phil says, reading part of the letter. “No response.”

Anna says she called the bank and they told her there was a savings account in her name with $17.89. “I called my mother and she said, ‘I moved all of it,’” she says. “She sent me a picture of it. She said, ‘This is what’s left in your account $15,400.’ She was supposed to send it the next day. She says she ‘sent it.’ No letter came. Never got anything.”

On his show Monday, Dr. Phil speaks with Anna about the abuse she suffered at 8 years old. And, Mama June’s mother shares the reasons she says she’s disgusted with her daughter. Click here to see where you can watch.