How Mama June Has Been Staying 'Very Frugal' After 'Honey Boo Boo'

"It's a high for me," she says.

One minute you're on a hit reality TV show, the next minute you're not.

When "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" was abruptly canceled in 2014, things changed for June Shannon and her girls. The spotlight dimmed, the opportunities waned and the steady TV income stopped. But Mama June has always been frugal. So, though Mama June has made some upgrades in her life -- she's currently updating her new home -- there will always be ways in which the family matriarch saves her pennies.

As Mama June tells "Oprah: Where Are They Now?", saving money has long been a huge part of her life, particularly before "Honey Boo Boo" came around.

"We were struggling from the day-to-day to week-to-week, just like everybody else does," Mama June says. "Now, I can be able to say, 'OK, if the kids need new clothes or they need new shoes, then I can be able to go out and get that.'"

A big part of Mama June's money-saving practices come down to extreme couponing.

"It's a high for me," she says. "I get high off of couponing and walking out the store and them either having to pay me or me walking out of it totally free."

Just as there was in the family's old house in McIntyre, Georgia, Mama June's new place has a stockpile room where she keeps countless home supplies and amenities that she has amassed from couponing. "I am very, very frugal with my money," she says. "Still coupon a lot, still save a lot of money. Hello, I bought this house in foreclosure."

Whereas some TV stars or others in the spotlight seem to squander their cash, Mama June says she won't go down that road.

"A lot of people who become famous and they make millions of dollars, they just spend it as soon as they make it -- or spend it before they even make it," Mama June says. "I'm not going to be like that. Don't ever forget where you come from."

For as much as she remembers the past, Mama June's focus on the future is why she's so dedicated to spending money responsibly.

"I want to be able to live comfortable for a long while after this amazing adventure ends," she says.

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