Honey Boo Boo's Mama June On Weight Loss: 'I Have Lost 115 Pounds'

"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is back. The hit TLC reality show returns Sunday with “A Very Boo Christmas,” and while viewers will get to see how the family spends the holidays, they'll also get to see a different look for mom June Shannon, who has both dyed her hair and lost a whopping 115 pounds -- without dieting or going to the gym!

“No, I have not felt no pressure to change,” Mama June tells the Huffington Post. “I was blond about six years ago and I wanted to go back blond, so I went back blond and I loved it. I have lost 115 pounds, but that's because I’m on the go. We love fried food, but I lost that weight because I’m more active doing things.”

June insists that fame has not changed the family at all.

“In five years, I see us still playing mud ball games, being a family and being there for one another. Wherever this amazing adventure leads us, we are ready for anything as long as we are a family,” says June. “That's where I’m the most happy, because my kids mean the world to me. You know I would be lost without them. That's all that matters to me."

June has some wisdom for other moms, too: "My advice to mothers is be foremost a parent. Second of all, make sure you are a friend also. I don't want my kids doing what other kids' parents don't know about. You got to open that line of communication. Its what I call an open-door policy.”

Reluctant to give away too many secrets of Sunday’s special episode, June did say that her daughter Alana still believes in Santa Claus and is very excited to see what he brings the family.

“You get to see what we do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We do charity work for our community and it's a huge project we do every year. We make sure every kid that is needy in our community gets something at Christmas time,” says June. “We got reindeer food -- it's corn and glitter -- and we sprinkle it on the yard for Santa to be able to find our house better.”

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