Mamoru Demizu, Japanese Man, Accused Of $185,000 Burglary Spree To Feed 120 Cats Gourmet Diet

Stray Cat Crime Spree: 1 Year, 32 Burglaries, 120 Cats

He said he did it out of love for his "kitties."

Mamoru Demizu, an unemployed Japanese man, is charged with 32 counts of breaking into numerous homes and stealing valuables such as jewels and cash -- a $185,000 alleged crime spree that he said he undertook in order to finance a gourmet diet of mackerel and chicken for 120 stray cats.

Otaku put the figure at more than $200,000, but the fact remains: that's a lot of money, and a LOT of cats.

He reportedly kept 20 cats at a warehouse that he rented, and fed at least 100 more strays in the area, according to Tomo News.

Demizu, 48, reportedly told Izumi police that "he felt happiest when rubbing his cheek against his cats." He said he's been keeping cats since 1993 and eventually began feeding food scraps to strays.

He continued to feed the cats even after he lost his job in 2011, at first borrowing money, then eventually turning to crime to support the cats' $244-a-day diet.

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