Judge Orders Man Accused of Tweeting Threats To Never Tweet

Threats made on social media are still real threats.

Delete your account.

A Virginia judge ordered that Kyler Schmitz, an Uber driver from Virginia, "not tweet at all for any reason to anyone" after he tweeted threats to at least two U.S. senators, according to court documents filed on Monday.

Schmitz allegedly was upset by the Orlando shootings and via Twitter threatened to shoot Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). The tweet said:

@RoyBlunt I'm going to shoot you in the head for allowing someone to murder my loved ones.

Schmitz's Twitter account -- which is now suspended -- also included tweets saying: “I am literally going to buy a gun shoot you in the face I watch your brains splat (sic)” and “I am coming for you." These messages were directed at Blunt and Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.).

The judge told Schmitz that he didn't know "how to read these tweets in any way but as threatening" and ordered he "not tweet at all for any reason to anyone." 

Schmitz also tweeted at the GOP's House and Senate accounts, “I can’t wait to shoot you in the face one by one,” Gawker reported.

Outside of the messages to senators, Schmitz also sent inquiring tweets (not shown here because his account is suspended) to gun shops. Their responses to him are still available online: 

Schmitz also incited a debate with the Alexandria Police Department:

Despite Schmitz acknowledging that he did in fact send the tweets, his fiance, Paul Cianciolo, said they were meant as satire, according to an NBC affiliate.  

Schmitz's defense attorney deemed the messages as "inartful political discourse" on the issue of gun control, while U.S. Capitol Police said in a court filing that Schmitz intentionally made a "direct threat" to a U.S. senator.



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