Man And Crocodile, Chito And Pocho, Play And Swim Together Like Best Friends (VIDEO)

Some say that the dog is man's best friend, but in Chito's case, the animal companion is a bit more unconventional: a 980-pound crocodile.

Chito rescued Pocho the crocodile nearly 20 years ago in Costa Rica after finding him on the side of the road with a gunshot wound to the eye. Chito cared for the animal until it was healthy again, but when he tried to release Pocho back into the wild, the croc wouldn't have it. Apparently, Chito's affections won over the massive reptile, as it followed him back home, and has been with him in the two decades since.

Now the two are so comfortable that they play and swim together for tourists, as seen in this video from MSNBC. Although Chito confesses it took many years for him to feel safe fooling around with the dangerous creature, he is now able to roll around in the water with Pocho and have fun, as though the croc were a pet dog.


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