Man Angry With Illinois Gay Marriage Vote Unleashes Epic Rant On Chicago Bus (NSFW VIDEO)

Illinois lawmakers' historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage on Tuesday was met with plenty of celebration -- but not everyone is happy the Prairie State will soon become the 15th marriage equality state.

In a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, an angry man is seen and heard verbally attacking a fellow passenger on a CTA bus who he appears to believe is a supporter of same-sex marriage. (WARNING: NSFW language in video embedded above.)

The man references "rapists and pedophiles" and "homosexuals" Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy before calling the female passenger a "b*tch" multiple times and criticizing her for having "adult acne, b*tch" during his expletive-loaded rant.

Before long, multiple passengers defend the female passenger and urge the man to "shut up" or get off the bus.

The altercation didn't end there, however. The original poster of the first video also uploaded a 14-second "part 2" featuring more of the same (again, NSFW language):

For his part, in the description of the original YouTube video, the poster writes, "Chicago law now states it's ok to marry the same sex! However this guy on a Chicago bus thinks different. Freedom for all, no matter what!"


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