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Man Apologizes To Angry Cat, Seeks Forgiveness By Building Huge Cardboard Playhouse (VIDEO)

True love is sometimes best expressed through elaborate cardboard creations.

In this adorable video testament to true love, pet owner Billy Browne builds a massive, floor-to-ceiling palace out of 40 cardboard boxes for his cat Rufus.

It appears Rufus, a cute tabby, had earlier developed a bad ear infection, which required the administering of very painful ear drops. Upon completion of the aggravating regimen, Browne decided he needed to do something to win back the affection of the disgruntled feline, who had taken to hiding whenever his owner returned home.

"I wanted to make it up to him," Browne explains in the clip. Rufus, he explains, absolutely loves playing in boxes, and so Browne embarked on a mission to construct the best possible playground.

The completed tower takes up an entire wall in the apartment, and Rufus loves it, as do fans from around the world who have commented on the video on Reddit.

So far, the YouTube video has been watched 176,393 times. Not surprising, since everybody knows that if there's one thing the Internet loves, it's cat videos.

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