Man Assaults Brother For Not Sharing Big Macs, Police Say

Guess he wasn't "lovin' it"
Washington County Jail

A Pennsylvania man had a big beef with his brother over a Big Mac, and now he's facing assault charges.

Thomas Veres, 47, was arrested early Wednesday morning after he allegedly punched his older brother, Matthew, 58, for eating three Big Macs and not saving one for him.

Police said Veres was so mad that he ransacked the home they shared in Union Township, knocking over furniture and appliances and throwing food, the Washington County Observer-Reporter reports.

Matthew Veres suffered injuries to his right eye and left cheek and had his ear cut during the assault, police said, according to the Associated Press.

Thomas Veres was arrested for simple assault and harassment. He was taken to the Washington County Jail where he remains on $2,500 bond, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

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