Man Bites Police Dog (VIDEO)

Officials in Kfar Saba, Israel, have a bone to pick with an an unruly suspect after the man bit the police dog sent into a cell to subdue him.

The man was initially detained by authorities for breaching a restraining order issued by his spouse. After the police showed up at the woman's home, the suspect reportedly threatened to jump out of a window and attempted to assault an officer with a screwdriver, according to

After the officers took the suspect to the station, he again became unruly, which prompted them to send in the dog. While the canine cop managed to bring down the man, the suspect still managed to chomp down on the animal's ear.

The suspect kept biting the dog's ear until cops finally pried his jaws away and shepherded the German Shepherd away from its attacker, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Police said the dog suffered very minor injuries to its ear, and has already received treatment.

However, the suspect now faces an additional charge of assaulting a police dog and remains in custody pending further court proceedings, UPI reported.