Man Is So Over Golf, He Snaps His Clubs One By One

Golf can be a very frustrating game.

An unnamed man appears to have taken out his anger from the green on his golf clubs, one by one. In a video from YouTube user doctordonal, who posts on behalf of, an angry golfer proceeds to snap his golf clubs in half, cracking his irons over his knee and beating his pitching wedge on the ground until it breaks in half -- all as his buddies look on in amusement.

It's unclear if the golfer had a really bad game that day or if something else inspired his rage. But the responses to the video seem to be unanimous: his actions are a prime example of poor sportsmanship.

"These guys are an embarrassment to the sport of golf," YouTube user B.A. Chan wrote. "This is supposed to be a gentleman's game, not a game of thuggery."

(Warning: video contains language that same readers may find offensive.)