20 Man Buns On Instagram To Drool Over

Confession: we have a thing for man buns.

Yes, the glorious hairstyle made popular by Jared Leto (who has since chopped his off to our great sadness), has quickly become one of our favourite men's hairstyles ever, and we don't think it'll be going anywhere soon (sorry, haters!).

Case in point? The amount of beautiful man buns/topknots/muns seen on Instagram. A quick search of #manbun or #manbunmonday will find you some of the best versions of the style out there.

Don't believe us? Check out some of our fave man buns on Instagram below (insert heart eye emojis here):

This Messy Bun

A photo posted by @joshmcaree on

With a side of abs. This Low Bun
Styled brilliantly with a panama hat. This Guy's Lumberbun

A photo posted by Lane Dorsey (@lanedorsey) on

Drool. This Hot Weather Bun

A photo posted by Ryan Lyn (@rlynner) on

#LetItGrow. And This One
Man bun + guitar? We die. This Topknot That Rivals Ours

A photo posted by Brock O'Hurn (@brockohurn) on

The biceps aren't too bad either. And Dog Owner's #JustWokeUp Bun

A photo posted by Eric Lazure (@ericlazure) on

Can't handle the cuteness. This Stylish Undercut
Because not all man buns require a full head of hair. And This Man Bun In Action

It took me a long time to figure out how to tie a man bun. Practice makes perfect. 😉 #manbunlife

A photo posted by Rocky ( on

#Focused This Subtle Ombre Bun

A photo posted by jimijimmi (@jimijimmi) on

Pop of colour! And This Baby Bun

A photo posted by Chris Nicholas (@thedoleboy) on

Still effective. This Guy's Glorious Curled Locks
And sexy stare. And This Guy
All Mondays should be like this. This Guy's Dreaded 'Do
So. Much. Hair. And This Guy's Perfect Man Bun + Beard Combo
And smile! This Blond Beauty

A photo posted by austindavis94 (@austindavis94) on

Swoon! And This Guy's Half-Up, Half-Down 'Do

A photo posted by @benjifrazzetto on

Love. This Messy Style

A photo posted by Chino Yoh (@chinoyoh) on

Diggin' that single strand. And This Hairstylist's Topknot
Because obviously you need to keep your hair out of your way when mixing colour. This Man Bun Perfection
Yes, he's in here twice, but can you blame us? And This Hair God.

A photo posted by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on


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