World Leaders Rock Elegant Man Buns

World hairpiece, at last.

Committing to a fashion trend can be a tricky thing. It seemed the instant you convinced your mom to buy you a pair of Steve Madden platform sneakers, the world moved on to Skechers.

Fortunately, one of today's biggest trends can be snipped off in a moment's notice or even summoned up with a little Photoshop. The man bun is a democracy in its own right: Anyone can wear one, regardless of color, class, orientation or creed, or even regardless of whether or not they actually have the real-life hair to do it.

Indeed, man bun fever isn't only for movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto; world leaders of the past and present are sporting the style thanks to the photo-editing artists of Design Crowd. And boy, do they rock them:

Barack Obama wears a slicked-back man bun.
Kim Jong Un sports a gravity-defying man bun.
George Bush pulls his long, imaginary locks back into man bun.
Abraham Lincoln hid his man bun under a top hat.
George Washington kept his wig from getting in his eyes by putting it in a man bun.
Malcolm Turnball washes his man bun every other day.
Tony Abbott combines the man bun trend with the top knot trend.
Bill Clinton foregoes a man bun, enjoys presidential hair conference anyway.
Vladimir Putin is disappointed about a lot of things. His man bun might be one of them.
Just kidding. His man bun is styled to perfection.

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