'Man Candles' Review: Yankee Candle's New Line Tested By HuffPost Editors (VIDEO)

WATCH: What Do Man Candles REALLY Smell Like?

Last month, Yankee Candle launched a limited edition line of sweaty, gruff, hyper-masculine "Man Candles," finally allowing men to indulge in their wildest scent-related fantasies without the mockery that comes with purchasing Autumn Wreath.

With scents like "Riding Mower," "2x4," "First Down" and of course the breakout "Man Town," nobody can accuse Yankee Candle of not giving everything they've got to their run at the male market.

But what do these candles really smell like? Our imagination is not nearly vivid enough to estimate what testosterone smells like as a wax candle, so we had to find out first-hand. We took to Twitter to request some samples and immediately received a response and a package from Yankee Candle.

Our conclusion? Opinions were mixed, but in short, "Man Candles" definitely live up to their name.

Big thanks to all the HuffPost and AOL editors who agreed to appear in this video to partake in the "smell test." In order of appearance: Dan Treadway, Seena Vali, Dan Reilly, Cameron Matthews, Mallika Rao, Gazelle Emami, Jack Mirkinson, Catharine Smith, Katherine Fung, Hilary Tuttle, Katla McGlynn, Allie Jane Compton, Christine Friar, Stuart Whatley, Bryan Maygers, Nicholas Miriello and Jessica Misener.

Video produced by Ross Luippold.

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