Man Apparently Catches Women Stealing His Things At The Beach (VIDEO)

These women were steal clinging to their story after a man apparently caught them trying to make away with his stuff.

The footage above, captured on Friday, July 4 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida appears to show two women trying to steal the camera-holder's beach canopy and other possessions.

"Is that yours?" the man says. "Yeah," one woman tells him, "but we don't know how to do it."

The man, who told Gawker to call him "Rich" eventually tells the women, "this is our stuff."

That's when things get a little ugly. Rich laughs at one of the women's attempts to grab his camera and then the video ends. Rich told Gawker what he says happened next:

What followed was pure gold. I continued to back up as we went around the canopy frame. In the most bizarre moment she gnashed her teeth, lunging at me with an open palm and said, "I'll grab your dick!" I appreciated the offer but didn't feel the chemistry was there.

The two then said they needed to call "Pat", which may or may not have been the androgynous SNL character. He or she was going to apparently clarify what they were doing with my stuff. Lady in Red said, "We need to get a phone, but not his. His phone is tainted." They then scurried off towards the parking lot.

Rich said he felt confident leaving his stuff unattended for more than an hour because of how safe New Smyrna Beach is.

But a quick look through FBI crime data reveals there were more than 12,000 thefts in Volusia County (where the town is located) in 2012.

Real estate website asserts that "New Smyrna Beach has one of the highest crime rates in America" but where the site gets its data from is unclear.

It's also a popular beach town and surfer destination, so it's likely some of the crime is committed by non-residents. Perhaps non-residents who need a beach canopy of their own.

Rich didn't file charges, though he reported the incident to police.