Man Claims He Walked In On Co-Worker Engaging in Sexual Act With Patient In Hospital

“I’m 100% certain that I saw Jamison committing a sexual act with his patient,” says Fred, of his former co-worker, Jamison Adsit, who spent five years in prison after being convicted of a criminal sex act in the second degree.

Fred says that on the night of October 2, 2008, he was starting his shift at a hospital in Syracuse, NY, when he walked into a room and saw Jamison receiving pleasure from a patient – not fighting her off, as Jamison claims.

“The patient was sitting up on her bed with her legs straight out in front of her in and L shape facing Jamison. The waistband of his scrubs were pulled down,” Fred recalls. “I was very shocked.”

Fred says that when Jamison realized he was in the room, he was terrified. “He turned pale white, like he saw a ghost. I could hear the waistband on his scrubs snap back into place,” Fred claims. “Before I could get to the door, Jamison stopped me and said that I should be careful, this woman will start grabbing at my crotch area, and calling me her boyfriend and things of that nature.”

Fred adds, “By the way Jamison was behaving, it was clear to me that Jamison was caught doing something that he wasn’t supposed to be doing.”

“How can you see what’s going on if he’s got his back to you?” Dr. Phil asks Fred in the video above.

“Because he had his left knee on the bed. He wasn’t completely square to me, he was kind of at an angle,” Fred says, explaining that after he walked in the door, he quickly turned around, thinking that he “walked in on a couple that was being frisky in a hospital.”

“Did you actually see the sex act taking place?” Dr. Phil asks Fred. “Did you actually see skin-to-skin contact?”

“No, I did not actually see skin-to-skin contact,” Fred says. 

On Tuesday’s episode, hear Jamison’s recollection of events and why he claims he’s the victim. Check here to see where you can watch.



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