Man Claims State Officials Conspired To Kill His Son

Pat claims his father, John, is delusional, violent, paranoid. Pat says one of his father’s biggest delusions is that he believes that the state of Michigan and a local health service agency colluded in a plot to kill Pat’s brother, Bobby.

“My father is absolutely convinced that my brother Bobby’s death was a plot by the highest level of state government,” Pat says. “My dad believes that the governor, the mayor, the prosecutors, the detectives, the police, the entire state of Michigan, plotted to kill my brother to save money. This is all absolutely absurd and irrational.”

Pat’s brother Bobby was institutionalized when he was 14 for schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders. Twenty-four years later, in 2010, Bobby choked to death, and John claims his death was premeditated by the state of Michigan.

“Bobby was force fed and choked to death,” John says. “It was a cover-up, and there were multiple people involved.”

Convinced that his son’s death was not an accident, John says he began to dig through documents to prove that there was a conspiracy to kill his son.

“My father gathered his evidence by taking documents from the group home and highlighting random words in an attempt to decode information that was being communicated. On one document, my father highlighted the word ‘adequate’ and several lines down, highlighted the word ‘termination,’ to imply that they were ‘adequate termination’ of my brother,” Pat says. “Because of my father’s delusional history, I do not think he will ever accept what really happened.”

In the video above, John tells Dr. Phil why he believes there was a conspiracy to kill his son.

After hearing John’s theory and reviewing the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s report, Dr. Phil asks John, “Is it possible that it was just an accident?”

“No, I don’t think it’s possible at all,” John says.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Father vs. Son: Accusations of Conspiracy Theories and Paranoid Delusions,” airs Tuesday. Check here to see where you can watch.



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