Man Crashes Truck Into Convenience Store In Alleged Murder Attempt (VIDEO)

A Tennessee man has been charged with attempted murder after he rammed his pickup truck into a convenience store in an attempt to kill a woman, according to police.

Erik Whitaker, 40, allegedly smashed into the Columbia Market in Columbia, Tenn., where 37-year-old Laquisha Dansbury had sought refuge last Friday.

Early reports indicated that Whitaker and Dansbury were dating, but according to News Channel 5, Whitaker started chasing Dansbury when she fled after he attempted to steal her car keys.

Security cameras show Dansbury rushing into the store. Moments later, a pickup truck, purportedly driven by Whitaker, crashes through the shop's glass doors, knocking down shelves and striking store owner Surendra Patel.

Patel escaped without serious injuries and the truck narrowly missed Dansbury.

But Whitaker's path of destruction didn't end there, police say.

The suspect exited the wrecked pickup, checked beneath it to see if he had run down Dansbury, then stole a witness' vehicle, according to News Channel 5.

Whitaker drove off in onlooker Andrea Kreisel's SUV, but he didn't get far, police say. Surveillance cameras show the suspect crashing into a bread truck as he pulls out of the convenience store.

He was hospitalized after the collision, WMCTV reports.

On top of the attempted murder charges, Whitaker is also accused of aggravated assault, theft and reckless endangerment, according to The Daily News.