Library Closing, Grown Man Cries About It (VIDEO)

A library closed in Philadelphia and a grown man cried about it...on film.

Vh1 writer Noah Garfinkel wrote, "It's 2011; gender roles have evolved. But there is still something inherently silly about seeing a grown man cry. Obviously, there are times when a man can and should cry. A library closing, however, is probably not one of those times. Getting misty eyed? Fine. Mist up. Get as eye-moist as you want. Let the black of your eyes glisten with sentimentality. But if you want to not end up as a web video, you should probably not blubber away in a high pitch voiced and then yell "sh*t" at yourself for doing it."

There might not be a need to be so pessimistic about the closing of libraries, however. As Garfinkel wrote, "Libraries are closing and being replaced by the internet because the internet can provide all the information in a library plus the entertainment of a guy crying about a library being closed."

So true.