Man Defends Himself Against Wife’s Poisoning, Molestation Accusations, Says She’s Delusional

Pat claims for the last nine months, her husband, Mira, has been injecting her with poison while she sleeps as well as poisoning her food, so he can molest their three teenage daughters. Mira emphatically denies Pat’s claims, and says his wife is mentally ill and the accusations are a symptom of her illness.

“She is paranoid and delusional,” says Mira, who has been married to Pat for 20 years. “My wife has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She does not believe in her diagnosis at all.”

Mira says that Pat is extremely paranoid and sleeps in their daughters’ bedrooms and pushes a chest in front of the doors to keep him from entering their bedroom. He also says that she sleeps with a softball helmet to protect her head.

“She filed a false police report stating that I was trying to poison her, that I was molesting the girls, and I was exonerated of all wrongdoing,” Mira says.

Desperate to get his wife help, Mira turns to Dr. Phil. “She’s painting herself into a corner. If she feels trapped, I’m afraid what might happen. She could do something tragic,” he says.

Pat insists she is not “crazy,” and says her husband was behind her diagnosis of Schizophrenia and that he committed her to a mental health hospital twice, so he could continue his abuse.

On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil reviews Pat’s toxicology reports. What do they show? And, how does Mira respond to the hundreds of photos of what Pat claims are needle injection marks all over her body. Watch more here.



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