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Man Drinks Green Cleaning Product, Survives (VIDEO)

While keeping up with our morning news reads, one particular story, from The New York Times' blog The Local, stopped us dead in our clicks. It's a video of a man drinking out of a bottle that appears to be filled with cleaning solution.

Generally, cleaning solutions should never be consumed, so don't try this at home, friends. But Brooklyn-based Eco-Logic Solutions' products consist of only two all-natural ingredients: Salt and water, making the solution safe enough to drink by the man in the video. (Not that anyone would want to.) So, what makes it qualify as a cleaning product? Basically, an electrical field rearranges the salt and water compounds into sodium hydroxide, the active ingredient in most soaps, and a bacteria-fighting hypochlorous acid.

And although the takeaway from this video is to demonstrate the non-toxic quality of the product and to market its "eco-friendly" impact, its effectiveness remains questionable. In fact, in a cleaning test conducted by The Local, the "greener" solution needed to be used twice to reach the same results of the brand-name cleanser. Additionally, while the system that produces the solution can be cheaper than buying mainstream cleansers in the long run, if more of the product needs to be used to achieve the same cleanliness, is this alternative solution even worth it?

In short, while we're amused by the video, it seems to be more of a publicity stunt than an endorsement of the product's effectiveness. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.