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Man Caught Driving Wrong Way On Australia Highway Blames GPS

It wasn't me officer, it was my GPS.

A man pulled over for driving the wrong way down a Victoria, Australia highway told police he was just following instructions from his GPS navigator, according to ABC.

The 37-year-old South Wales Man, whose name was not released, said he was unconcerned by cars passing him in the other direction because he thought he was on a two-lane highway.

There's no indication alcohol was involved or that charges were filed against the man.

He's also hardly the only person who let his GPS device lead him into harm's way.

In 2010, ABC News reported on Mary Davis of Ohio who took her GPS' instruction to "turn right" and ended up driving on train tracks. She came within one minute of being clobbered by a train.

That same year, a Senegalese man was not so lucky. His GPS led him into a lake in Capilla, Badajoz in Spain. He did not survive the accident, according to Gizmo.

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