Man In Stands Drops Child While Attempting To Catch Ball At Taiwanese Baseball Game (VIDEO)

While the fan in this video may be a doting dad at home, his behavior at the ballpark will likely keep him off all "Father Of The Year" lists.

During a baseball game in Taiwan, a man was caught on camera dropping a young child, who we can only assume is his daughter, onto the row of seats in front of him while attempting to catch a ball. Not only did the man not catch the ball, but his tunnel vision could have resulted in the child getting seriously injured. Thank goodness they weren't sitting in the front row.

After he picked the child back up, who appeared to be fine, the woman sitting next to him gave him an unhappy glare, and as one astute Youtube commenter noted, "No translation needed with that look."

Back in May, a nearly identical incident occurred at Dodgers stadium, when a man also completely skirted on his parental responsibilities for a foul ball. The announcers, in addition to more than five million Youtube viewers (WATCH VIDEO BELOW), made jokes at the man's expense, who appeared to laugh it off.

Michele Steele, a sports reporter at Bloomberg television, tweeted about the incident, comparing it to another infamous fan interaction with a foul ball: "People drop kids to catch baseballs, can't blame Bartman. In Ozzie Guillen's words (sigh): "it's not your fault, Cubs sucked" #catchingheat"


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