This Man Raised A Duckling In His Beard (PHOTOS)

This Man Raised A Duckling In His Beard

A man says he has been raising a duckling in his beard -- and he has the photos to prove he isn't a quack.

Reddit user Spongi said he failed to hatch chicken eggs but, somehow, a duck egg that got in the batch ended up hatching. Given the social nature of ducks, Spongi wrote on Imgur, he tried to provide enough companionship for the animal and, at times, provided little Peeps shelter in his vast chin undergrowth.

"Peeps doesn't have a mother's wing to go under, so my beard had to do," he wrote in a pictorial that chronicles their quirky storybook bonding.

Spongi later notes that the duck, which has now outgrown his beard and prefers to perch on his shoulder to watch TV, will be able to spread its wings when it goes outside in the spring.

In addition, Peeps soon may have company: His owner says he's incubating three more duck eggs. (In the clip above, Yahoo! quips that Spongi will then have his own "duck dynasty.")

Check out the photo saga of Spongi and Peeps right here:

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