Breakfast Hero Eats Pancakes In Middle Of Road Like It’s NBD

He brought a table, chairs, and PLENTY of syrup.

If you ever get a craving for pancakes, here’s a pro tip: You probably shouldn’t eat them in the middle of traffic.

Kiaron Thomas, going to town on a great-looking stack of pancakes.
Kiaron Thomas, going to town on a great-looking stack of pancakes.

A Florida man is facing charges of placing an obstruction in the roadway and disrupting the free flow of traffic after allegedly eating breakfast in the middle of a busy Lakeland street Tuesday morning.

Eyewitnesses photographed 21-year-old Kiaron Thomas sitting in a chair in the crosswalk with a small “TV” table in front of him, according to the Lakeland Police Dept.

The suspect is seen wearing green pajama pants and fuzzy slippers. 

The table in front of him holds a bottle of syrup, and a plate containing a complete breakfast of bacon, eggs and, of course, pancakes.

Officers were called to the scene, but apparently Thomas fed and fled ― he was gone by the time they arrived. However, they were able to identify Thomas after someone tagged him in a Facebook video forwarded to the department.

The video appears below and the filmmaker can’t stop laughing while commenting how “that shit looks good.”

Officers determined Thomas lived approximately 100 yards south of the intersection and paid him a visit on Thursday.

Thomas allegedly admitted he ate the pancakes in traffic as a prank.

Officers charged Thomas with the traffic obstruction charges, but he was not arrested. He is due in court on April 25.

Hopefully, he will eat before entering the court room.



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